The Law of Attraction Hoax

My intention is not to criticize other approaches to manifestation, but rather, to call into question the inconsistencies. Why is it that the Law of Gravity doesn’t require us to change our subconscious beliefs, but the Law of Attraction does? Other “Spiritual Laws” don’t even require changes of subconscious beliefs to easily see the cause and effect relationship: Law of Choices, Law of Action, Law of Balance, Law of Integrity, Law of Compassion to name a few. None of them require changing your subconscious beliefs to see results. They only require being aware that they exist and paying attention to how they manifest (interesting word, huh?) in your life when you take action in alignment with them. So why must we change our beliefs for the “Law of Attraction” to work?

Today, I will attempt to answer that question. First though, I want to say that I willingly use the term “Law of Attraction” because it’s an easy way to communicate a simple idea that has gone mainstream, and that idea is this:

When we live in conscious awareness, we can experience life the way we want to. In other words we can manifest what we want. The difference though between my approach on the “Law of Attraction” than others though is I’m not concerned so much about manifesting “things.” I focus on manifesting experiences -and more specifically- inner experiences of our True Nature. Popular Law of Attraction teachers say that to attract the things you want, whether it be a car, house, relationship, more money, etc, that you must first raise your vibration to be in alignment with that. More aware teachers go so far as to say that you must use affirmations to reprogram your subconscious to ensure that your conscious desires do not conflict with your subconscious desires. Even more aware teachers will suggest that you don’t focus on the stuff you “want” and instead focus on how the stuff would make you feel.

For example, if you want the car then what is it about the car you really want? Is it the adrenaline rush? Is it the feeling of success, or is it to feel abundant? What are the feelings inherent in a meaningful relationship that you desire? Connection, intimacy, playfulness, commitment, joy? In other words, they say to get what you want you must first feel as though you have it already. Some people say you have to truly believe you “deserve” it and “believe it will happen” even when the odds seem slim. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the Law of Gravity. Drop something. See it fall. Yup, the law works! Why can’t the “Law of Attraction” be that simple? My experience is that it can be. In fact, it is we just don’t recognize it as such. Too many teachers have focused on the “getting stuff” aspect of manifestation -because that’s what sells products, books, and seminars- that they’ve overlooked what manifestation really is.